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Are you showing up in the world as your best self? If not, know that therapy rooted in vibrational wellness, is a safe space to foster your evolution and help you shine at your maximum potential. If you’re feeling stuck or feeling like there’s more to life than this, it’s because there is. You deserve to live an abundant life. It’s time to reclaim your power and your peace, to awaken your spirit and your self-realization, to glow up and to get healed! You got this and you are not alone in this journey to holistic wellness!


“Your evolution requires your liberation from anything that does not serve you, grow you, or make you happy.”

– Prescilla John, LCSW

Hi, I’m Prescilla

I am a licensed clinical social worker, holistic energy healer, spiritual medium and complex and intergenerational trauma expert who specializes in the use of integrative and mind-body-soul based interventions for individuals across the lifespan.  I use dance, movement, sound, sacred energy, intuitive guidance and a wide range of mindfulness-based interventions therapeutically to heal the mind, body and soul. Through a collaborative person-centered approach, I can help you to heal from emotional wounds, transform pain into purpose, raise your vibrational frequency and evolve into the most authentic version of yourself. I use a customized approach that works best for you.

"In my first conversation with Prescilla she was able to assemble the things I was saying and put them together to realize what was wrong and what I needed. In that same week I had seen the counselors and while they were good, Prescilla stood out as being capable."

"My counselor has really helped me out in one of the tougher times in my life! She listens to what I have to say and goes above and beyond to try to help me work through my problems. She even goes as as far as finding worksheets or tools to log my moods, etc."

"Amazing listener. Often times that is the difference. Extremely thankful for bits of wisdoms she has shared."

"Prescilla is honestly so understanding and she takes time to hear me out when I have a call or video session with her. She listens to it all. I can't wait to get better and to live live fearlessly! I really want to get to know who I really am once I get to overcome this. Prescilla is awesome! Thank you guys so much"

"Prescilla is a very good listener and very understanding. Most people don't take me seriously when I talk about my feelings they think I'm just over exaggerating but she actually paid attention to my needs and feelings."

"Prescilla creates a wonderfully calm, healing space where I feel safe to open up about things that I would be embarrassed to share with others. There is no judgement at all, instead she provides me much-appreciated comparisson followed by guidance. She is able to identify the root of my issues and exercises I can do to address them. I feel like she is helping me treat the core of my issues, not just the symptoms. Thank you Prescilla!"

"Prescilla is doing a good job on trying to understand the depth of my problem without being judgemental. She tries to help me find solutions to my problems, but more than that she help me get in touch with myself again."

"Thank you Prescilla John for your support. Even when I was unable to reach out to you, you continued to reach out to me. You always give me the feeling that you have a very good understanding. The goal setting and exercises you gave me really helped turn my life around and when I feel alone, it gives me a lot of peace just knowing you are there to talk."

“ No lie , Prescilla is everything ! Within my first couple of sessions, I started to feel a drastic change and shift in both my mindset and behaviors . I went from barely believing in therapy to now swearing by it . She is amazing and will definitely introduce you to so many techniques and fresh perspectives that are proven to work !”

“The small period of time I had her as a therapist has left me with some useful tools — meditation, self awareness and greater community life. I appreciate her work!.”




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