There’s no manual to teach you how to raise a child.  From encouraging scholastic achievement to supporting extracurricular activities and teaching valuable lessons, parents have a huge influence on a children’s developmental trajectory.  While you may desire to give your child the best, understand that your child is a unique being with their own personality. You may want to steer you child down a particular path — perhaps one that allows you to live your own dreams through your child or maybe you just want them to be just like you.  Your role as a parent is to prepare your child for their ultimate independence. While you have to create a structured environment,  you also need to support your child’s independence.

Are you finding difficulty in your relationship with your child?  Maybe you’re recognizing behavior management difficulties and are not sure where to turn next.  Perhaps you are a new parent and are just interested in techniques you can start applying today to encourage healthy parent-child engagement.  Rest assured that you are in the right place.  You will learn essential tools of behavior modification and child development to understand which behaviors are developmentally normal, how to effectively discipline and how to improve and create a structured environment to help you, your family and your little one thrive.

In our work together, we will collaborate and define the concerns you are noticing and create a customized approach for dealing with it.  No matter how difficult things may seem, know that there is a solution. You are invited into a safe, collaborative, judgement free and supportive environment. Come vibrate higher in your parenting journey and evolve into the best version of yourself for you and your children.

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